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Covid-19 Update - 12/4/2021

Hi everyone, its lovely to see you all coming back!!

We just want to remind everyone, there are still COVID restrictions in place 


  • The toilet and shower facilities, the launderette and the snooker room will be closed

  • The Club will remain closed at this time

  • The camping field will be closed for camping or visiting tourers.  If you have friends or family who usually use the camping field throughout the season, we respectfully ask that you inform them of our decision

  • As before people will be able to walk their dogs around the park and over the hill - however, you must observe the 2m distancing at all times

  • Only persons from ONE household to use your caravan at any time (friends and family can use your caravan if you are not here)

  • You can only meet outdoors and not enter anyone else’s caravan

  • There must be no group (mass) gatherings on park, under the Welsh government guidelines only two households are to meet at any one time in an outside environment.  

  • Hand sanitizing points are still located at strategic points around the park

  • If you develop symptoms of Covid-19 whilst you are visiting the park you should inform us by phone, you and members of your caravan should return to your own home immediately

  • Please order gas bottles by phone to be delivered and connected - payment on delivery is a must, and please ensure you have a spare full gas bottle at all times

  • If you require maintenance or wish to enquire of an upgrade please contact us by phone

We do have PROVISIONAL dates for restrictions being eased

APRIL 26       Outdoor hospitality to open

MAY 3            Snooker room and Laundrette to open

MAY 3            Two households to meet and have contact indoors

 Indoor Hospitality  date yet to be confirmed

*Please realise your health and well-being are our priority, and all of these dates are subject to change

The Ashton Family

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